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12.13 Where you’d like to be in 10 years

10 years from now…

This reminds me of our 5 year goals that hubby and I made in Williamsport. We wanted to live in Gettysburg. And after a move to California AND back, we ultimately ended up there.

Setting 10 year goals – I continue to hope for 4 adopted children. I would be 42 at the time, so I would assume at least 1 of them would be “out of the nest.”

Maybe we’ll have outgrown our house? Maybe not. We’ve been in this charming Cape Cod for 18 months now. I was actually surprised when I realized it this past week. The time has flown by and I find it entirely charming and lovely.

I would like to stay in Gettysburg. I would like to continue being stay-at-home. I want my husband to be fulfilled in his job.

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