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1.5 A time you don’t want to forget

I hope I never forget the day I met hubby. It was completely unexpected and not planned.

I really feel like it was not a coincidence because there was not any other reason for the sequence of events.

I was working at the Circulation desk as a student worker at our alma mater. I was working on my Honors project, typing it up. I went to hit “Save” from inside the Word document in order to save it to my network drive when disaster struck… the document disappeared! (Today, hubby says I deleted it, but I was IN the Word doc.)

Anyhow, I quickly started freaking out at my missing paper (it was a a big paper) and so I called IT Services. I’m pretty sure it was also very close to 4:30 on a Friday, when the normal business day would be over. Hubby’s supervisor managed to retrieve my last saved copy off of a server and hubby came up to check on me.

And that’s how fate made hubby and I meet.

(I got an A on the paper, by the way. Haha.)

*January prompts are from Life of Lovely.