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2.22 List 30 things you want to do before your next birthday

In no particular order:

  1. Read a novel.
  2. Jog 1 mile.
  3. Visit my family.
  4. Write 20 cards to friends.
  5. Take a 30-day break from Facebook.
  6. Find a new TV show that I like.
  7. Read the Old Testament until I reach the book of Psalms.
  8. Complete Visiting Teaching 100% every month.
  9. Have a birthday party for my Mom.
  10. File my taxes.
  11. Keep up blogging.
  12. Go to the Temple twice.
  13. Watch every session of the spring General Conference and take notes.
  14. Hike Pole Steeple.
  15. Plant the garden.
  16. Continue meal planning.
  17. Go to the pool.
  18. Call my grandparents every week.
  19. Send tons of cards to my Mom.
  20. Finish watching the Harry Potter movies.
  21. Make a wreath for the front porch.
  22. Teach husband basic sewing.
  23. Teach husband to make a meal from scratch.
  24. Celebrate our wedding anniversary.
  25. Take a long weekend.
  26. Take a vacation.
  27. Do #52Stories with my grandmother.
  28. Activate my Amazon Dash button for paper towels…
  29. Do something spontaneous.
  30. Clean out the cabinets and line with new shelf paper.

*February prompts are from Journaling Sage.